Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby Bump Pics

Ok so this is like the 5th blog that I have made because I don't blog enough, and then I forget my username and password!! Ha Ha. I really need to learn to write these things down.  I take after my mom  with the forgetfulness. Anyways I am going to try and be better about updating on this.  I love seeing other people's blogs so I decided it is time I got serious about this ha ha.

For anyone who didn't know I am currently pregnant! Yay!! I am 26 weeks.  I had another ultrasound today and the Dr. said that everything looks great!  We are having a boy!!! Which I am ecstatic about! I have always said I want lots of boys! So here are some progess pics of my bump.  Sorry the first one, I am showing a little skin! ha ha.

This is at 11 weeks! of course there is nothing yet! ha ha

This one is 17 weeks! Finally starting to show!

This one is at 22 weeks! I felt like I was so much bigger than I really was. 

This is at 26 weeks!! 

I can feel our little guy kicking around so much more lately and it is the greatest feeling in the whole world! I am so excited to be a mom. Out of all the things I have wanted to do and accomplish, one of the top was to be a mother! I had such a great example and I hope I can be just as good of a mom as mine! I know John is going to be such a good dad! He is funny, he puts on this tough front in front of everyone else but he is such a softie and I just know they are going to be best friends!